1. Q: Do you have housing?
    A. The institution does not have housing. The greater Atlanta Metropolitan area has many apartments, condos, and homes in various price ranges. Housing of all types is near the institution.
  2. Q: Do you have food service?
    A: The institution does not have food service. There are many restaurants and fast food establishments within walking distance.
  3. Q: Are you accredited?
    A. No. The institution was established in February, 2006 and accreditation is a process that takes time. The Board of Trustees and the President have established national accreditation by a DOE and CHEA recognized accrediting body as a priority. Meanwhile all courses will be taught by credentialed faculty members who have earned degrees from accredited institutions.
  4. Q: Will other institutions accept credits earned from ALIS?
    A. Each institution makes the determination as to earned credits that can be transferred to their institution. At this time, several institutions have agreed to accept credits, see Affiliations & Links based on their published policies. To facilitate a favorable review of requests to transfer course credits, ALIS will offer courses taught by faculty comparable to regionally and nationally accredited institutions of higher learning.
  5. Q: Does ALIS have a published nondiscrimination policy?
    A. Yes. Consistent with federal and state law, American Leadership Institute and Seminary is an equal opportunity higher education institution open to any qualified individual and does not discriminate in any of its programs, procedures, or practices, on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, national or ethnic origin, political affiliation, race, religion, or veteran status. This non-discriminatory policy includes admission policies, educational policies, scholarship and loan programs, and all other institution administered programs.
  6. Q: Why choose ALIS?
    A. All of the degree programs at ALIS are biblically based and provide a strong foundation to prepare you for leadership positions in various organizations. The faculty members have excellent credentials and integrate incite from their own professional careers into the classroom. The course are available on campus or through distance education to make them easily accessible for all ages.
  7. Q: Are there application deadlines?
    A. No, ALIS adheres to a rolling admissions policy that enables students to apply and to enroll at their convenience.
  8. Q: How do I request transcripts to be sent to ALIS?
    A. Call or visit the institution that you attended and request that they send an official transcript to American Leadership Institute and Seminary, 54 Blowing Rock, Dawsonville, Georgia 30534.
  9. Q: Do I have to submit SAT or ACT test scores to apply for undergraduate programs?
    A. No.
  10. Q: Do I have to submit GRE or GMAT test scores to apply for graduate programs?
    A. No.
  11. Q: Are there student services and academic support staff available to provide assistance to those who have been out of school for a while?
    A. Yes, the staff and faculty at ALIS are committed to helping you obtain your goal of earning a degree.
  12. Q: What is Critical Thinking and why is it important to leadership?
    A. Look at Critical Thinking section on the Library Services page.
  13. Q: What is a scholarship?
    A. Scholarships are funds available for students enrolled in academic programs to assist them in meeting the financial obligations associated with the program. ALIS sponsors scholarships for students enrolled in its programs and many other organizations also offer scholarships for students.
  14. Q: Do I have to repay the scholarship?
    A. No. Scholarships are gift aid and do not have to be repaid.
  15. Q: How do I apply for scholarships?
    A. Each student accepted to an academic program is considered for scholarships based upon verification of his or her education and career goals and ministry experience and other information provided on the Application for Admission. Other information may be required. See each specific scholarship for additional requirements.
  16. Q: How many scholarships can I have?
    A. Generally, each student is awarded only one type of scholarship and they can not be combined.
  17. Q: When are scholarships awarded?
    A. Scholarships are awarded when a student is accepted to an undergraduate or graduate academic program.
  18. Q: What charges are paid by scholarships?
    A. Scholarships are applied to tuition charges only and may not be applied towards Application fees, Library and Technology fees, Graduation Fees, or other charges.
  19. Q: How are scholarships paid?
    A. Scholarships are credited directly to the student’s account to cover the cost of tuition. No ALIS scholarship funds will be paid to the student.
  20. Q: How and when are scholarships applied to my student account?
    A. When registering for classes, the student should indicate the name and amount of the scholarship in the Financial Aid line of his or her program’s Registration Form and pay any balance due. Upon receipt of the Registration Form, ALIS will verify the scholarship and credit it to the student’s account.
  21. Q: How long may I use my scholarship?
    A. Once a scholarship is awarded to a student, the scholarship continues as long as the student meets the eligibility requirements. Scholarships awarded for a specific purpose or time period will end based upon the award. All scholarship recipients must enroll each semester and maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined in the Academic Catalog.
  22. Q: What do you mean by, meets the requirements for the academic program?
    A. The Academic Catalog contains the requirements for each academic program. A student who receives a scholarship is expected to remain in good standing with the institution and meet the requirements for his or her program.
  23. Q: Where can I find other non-ALIS scholarships and aid?
    A. You may want to check with your employer or church as they may provide scholarships. There are also a number of resources on the internet: