Financial Aid

Federal Financial Aid Programs

The Institution does not participate in federal financial aid programs.


ALIS strives to provide affordable academic programs and provides limited scholarship funds for students.

Sponsorship: Church, Corporate, or Individual

A student’s church, corporation, friends, or relatives may desire to pay some or all of his tuition and fees. The amount of the payment will be credited to the student’s account after proper authorization has been received by ALIS.

Proper authorization is understood to be an official document from a church or corporation stating the person(s) being sponsored and the amount(s) to be credited. It must be signed by an officer who is not receiving any part of the sponsorship.

For sponsorship’s from individuals, a formal letter is required. Such designated funds are not tax deductible. Individual to individual sponsorship’s will be collected in full prior to acceptance into a class.

Sponsorship monies will be held available for use or refund for one year from date of last activity. Sponsorship monies will be refunded only to the sponsor and only on written request within a 1-year time limit. Beyond the specified time, any unused and unrefunded monies will be applied to the ALIS general fund.

NOTE! If payments are not current, the student may be placed on “Financial Hold.” Further, the student is responsible for any balance due should the sponsor fail to pay. This means that the student may be suspended from classes and may not enroll in any further courses until his account becomes current.

Policy Concerning Gifts and Donations

Gifts and donations received from other institutions, foundations, churches, or individuals will be used for the purposes for which they were designated.